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The Momentum Royalty Free Production Music Library Has 1 Volume
Make Your Next Sales Talk or AV/Video Presentation COME ALIVE with Momentum. Momentum delivers FOUR Powerful Libraries in ONE Easy-To-Use Package. Library #1 is Shouts/Chants and Whispers or what might be termed 'Corporate Cheers'. Library #2 is Production Acapellas, Production Music Beds with Acapella Endings and Production Music Beds. Library #3 delivers 49 Holiday tracks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Halloween and Birthdays. Library #4 is Transitions and Sound Effects. Momentum is key and tempo matched.
Volume 1  |  95 Total Tracks      Showing Tracks  1 - 10       
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  TeleTrax Library Vol Length Title Keywords / Description  
16501 Momentum 1 0:07 multiple Chants-Acappella-1 Were Number One, Were The Best, A Proven Winner
16502 Momentum 1 0:02 multiple Chants-Acappella-2 Can We Do It?, You Bet We Can?, Teamwork That Works, Weve Got The Spirit
16503 Momentum 1 0:02 multiple Chants-Acappella-3 Good, Better, Best, Good, Better, Best, Sales Goals 3X, Oh Boy, Here Comes Sales, Oh Boy, Here Comes Marketing
16504 Momentum 1 0:05 multiple Chants-Acappella-4 Super Marketing, Advertising, Sales , Super Marketing, Super Advertising, Super Sales, Heres The Prez (Up), Heres The Prez
16505 Momentum 1 0:02 multiple Chants-Acappella-5 Heres To The Future, Maximum Impact, Momentum, Lights, Camera, Action, Get The Picture
16506 Momentum 1 0:03 multiple Chants-Acappella-6 We Hope You Enjoyed Our Show, Grand Opening, Waitless Service, We Work For Your Business, More Features, What About Inflatio
16507 Momentum 1 0:02 multiple Whispers-Acappella-1 Weve Got The Spirit, Look Out , Here We Come, Were On The Move, Good Morning
16508 Momentum 1 0:01 multiple Whispers-Acappella-2 Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Youre A Winner, Maximum Impact, Momentum
16509 Momentum 1 0:02 multiple Whispers-Acappella-3 Think Safety, Listen, Weve Got News For You, Psssssst, Lights, Camera, Action
16510 Momentum 1 0:02 multiple Whispers-Acappella-4 Super Service, Grand Opening, Volume Discounts, Dare To Compare
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