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Free YouTube Music License Agreement
CSS Music
CSS Music ("Library") for valid consideration (as herein described below) and in accordance with the terms set out below grants to the Licensee ("Licensee") named below a license for non-exclusive use of "Music" (which also includes the Sound Recording) hereafter downloaded from in synchronization with Licensee's PERSONAL, NON BUSINESS, NON COMMERCIAL, NON REVENUE GENERATING ("Personal) YouTube Videos:
Person (Licensee)  
City   State   Zip Code  
Email Address  
    1. Licensee shall have the worldwide, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-divisible right for the unlimited use of the Music only in synchronization or mechanical reproduction with other audio and/or visual elements added by Licensee only in Licensee's personal YouTube videos with the following restrictions:
      1. Subject to the terms and conditions of YouTube with respect to the posting of videos, Library reserves the right to "Claim" the Music with Google/YouTube and monetize its use on Licensee's YouTube videos without Licensee's prior consent when such videos are posted on YouTube or related YouTube platforms; Licensee agrees it will only "acknowledge" and not dispute any such "Claim". Licensee agrees and acknowledges that Library and You Tube have the right and are permitted to post ads connected in any manner to Licensee's videos for any purpose.
      2. Licensee must obtain the express prior written permission of Library if Licensee intends to: 1) Add lyrics to the Music, 2) Add recorded instrumentation to the Music, 3) Re-record, duplicate, transfer or copy the Music, in whole or part, for any use not authorized by this License Agreement.
    2. Library warrants that it is the holder of the copyright in the Music and/or has contracted the rights to the Music, it has full power and authority to enter into this License and to grant Licensee the permission accorded under this License. Licensee warrants, represents, covenants and agrees that Licensee has the right, power and authority to enter into and execute this Agreement.
    3. While Licensee by this License acquires a downloaded computer file(s) embodying the Music (media) and the license to use the Music as described in this License, Licensee does not acquire any ownership rights in the Music or its underlying copyrights.
    4. Licensee agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Library or its officers, directors employees or agents free and harmless against any and all claims, suits, liability, losses, damage, judgments, recoveries, costs, expenses and attorneys fees which may be made or brought against it, paid or incurred by Library by reason of any use or exploitation of the Library or any of the works in it, which use or exploitation does not involve copyright claims, by reason of breach or claim of breach of this agreement by any alleged third party beneficiary, or by reason of any agreement of Licensee with any third party whomsoever concerning any use of the Library or any of the musical works within the Library.
    5. In the event Licensee breaches the terms of this license, Licensor shall have the right to terminate this License upon 30 days written notice to Licensee, which termination shall take effect immediately upon the 31st day provided Licensee shall not have completely cured its breach. Any former or subsequent unauthorized use of the Music by Licensee will constitute an infringement of the rights of Library including but not limited to Library's copyrights in the Music. In such event, all rights granted to Licensee by this License shall terminate and Licensee shall not store or maintain the Music on any platform of any sort whatsoever and will delete, expunge and obliterate the Music from all storage platforms under its control or to which it has access. In addition, Library shall have the right to any other remedy available at law or equity, including injunctive relief and damages.
    6. After any material breach, any use by Licensee of any of the rights granted under this License or otherwise, will constitute intentional infringement of the rights of copyright of Library which the parties agree will suffice to permit the award of attorneys' fees, treble damages or statutory damages according to the provisions of the Copyright Act.
    7. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the state of California except its choice of law provision. Any action hereunder shall be duly filed within the jurisdiction of the County of Los Angeles, State of California, and both Parties consent to in personum jurisdiction of the Courts of that county.
    8. It is specifically agreed that this Agreement contains each of the terms, covenants, conditions and promises of parties hereto. No modification shall be valid or binding unless made in writing and executed by both parties hereto.
    9. Should any action be brought to enforce or interpret this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys' fees and costs.
    10. The term of this Agreement shall be 99 years.
    11. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE DEEMED EFFECTIVE UPON THE ELECTRONIC ACCEPTANCE BY LICENSEE. Thereafter, in the absence of a material breach, this Agreement shall be deemed effective and binding upon the parties at all times that the Music is used by Licensee.


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